Saturday, December 20, 2014


Every once in a while you come across an article that you feel is very important and you must share with as many folks as possible.  If you have never read or heard about this information before, I am sure you will agree it is an "eye opener".  Our Bible speaks of deception and it tells us it will increase as time goes on.  I truly believe we are in the "end times" and we need to be as informed as possible of the truth about our Creator and His plan for us, now as we live on this Earth and for our upcoming eternity when we will be with Him in His Kingdom.

We have been taught certain Christian principles or doctrine handed down from family and church. We go on faith that religious teachers are educated and are teaching the true scriptures and we try to verify that they are true.   However, when one digs deep, studies history it becomes obvious that something is out of sync when it comes to what our Creator and Savior's true names are.  And, if we truly know them, why are we using substitutes?  Has there been a conspiracy or just a lack of consideration of the names of our God Yahweh and His Son,Yeshua (or as some say,Yahshua)?  Since I originally created this site, I have learned that He real name given to the people, was Yeshua. However,  was it during translations by scribes (Jews, Greeks and Romans) that the names have been so disrespectfully construed down through history? Is not a person's name really important?  With this I give you for your consideration,  The Mistaken J .

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